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Kt International

Geogrid Fabric

We are prestigious Geogrid Fabric Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier in Maharashtra, India. We fabricate Geogrid Fabric using polymer material. Our Geogrid Fabric is used to create and stabilize soil mass, to reinforce retaining walls and to subbases or subsoils below roads or structures. We supply Geogrid Fabric in accordance with industrial standards to ensure the supply of durable and flawless product. Our Geogrid Fabric is used in variety of applications and is in huge demand. Besides, Compared to soil, Geogrid Fabric are strong in tension. This fact allows them to transfer forces to a larger area of soil than would otherwise be the case.

  • Two-way stretch plastic Geogrid Fabric
  • One-way stretch plastic Geogrid Fabric
  • HDPE one-way plastic Geogrid Fabric
  • Steel plastic composite Geogrid Fabric (GSL GDL)
  • Polyester warp knitting polyester goegrid
  • Fiberglass Geogrid Fabric
  • Ultra-thin E-glass fiber chopped strand mat
  • Coal underground mining complex false top network

  • Void Bridging
  • Embankment Over Soft Soils
  • Retaining Walls
  • Veneer Stability in Landfills
  • Steepened Slopes
  • Pavement Reinforcement